Prose Workshop 230.00K (48776) - Fall 2014 - CCNY




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Nonfiction Intro
Memoir Intro


Required Texts: Prose Workshop Reader (to be distributed in class)

Class Time and Location: 8:00am - 9:15am, Tuesday and Thursday, NA 4/125

Course Description:
In this second-level writing course, your familiarity with the process of writing and revision is expected. Our tripartite focus will concern Nonfiction, Memoir, and Criticism. Our objectives are:
1. To improve our knowledge of effective and creative prose writing.
2. To examine published works and identify admirable elements of the craft within.
3. To practice giving and receiving constructive criticism.
4. To revise.

Grade Breakdown:
Formal Writing Assignments (3): 30%
Revision(s): 10%
Attendance and Participation: 60%

Attendance and Conduct: City College permits up to four absences; this class, however, can afford ZERO. Each absence you have will require a two-page narrative excuse, a brief summary of which shall be read in the class you attend following your absence. Every absence over the "permitted" four will lower your final grade by 10%, seriously. Two late arrivals count as one absence. Insightful contributions to class discussions are expected from each student. Arrive on time and be prepared for class discussions.

Requirements and Grading: Complete all assignments and hand them in on the agreed upon date in the agreed upon way. If you have problems completing an assignment, speak to me before its due date. The majority of your participation grade will be based on your written responses to the piece(s) being workshopped. Please see the etiquette page for a more formal description of responses.

Tutoring Services: The Samuel Rudin Center (Amsterdam Ave., Plaza Entrance, 3rd floor of NAC building). You should visit the writing center and consult with a tutor for at least one writing assignment in this class.

Plagiarism: Plagiarism is the borrowing of language or ideas directly from another writer without acknowledging it. Duplication is the submitting of the same assignment for more than one class. Both undermine your development as a writer and threaten the integrity of this course and possibly others. You are expected to do original, exclusive work for this course. If you borrow words, follow the guidelines for formal documentation. You will fail the course if you plagiarize or duplicate an assignment.

Office Hours: Each student should come to office hours at least once soon after submitting the first paper. You do not have to have a reason to visit; further establishment of or amendments to your reputation are both fine excuses.