What should be worshipped?

“Who is the God whom we should worship with the oblation?” – The Rig Veda

For what reason should we worship this God or so called deity? Just because someone tells us that a certain thing or person created the universe, this does not mean we should believe in that of what we are told. How can we believe something, which we cannot see? I am not trying to be a skeptical, but I consider myself a realistic. How can a human being allow their world to revolve around those values? The values, which they have to follow because their God said they should. Or matter of fact set their life based on some rules that they have been told that the so-called God has set up for them. The reward for following those rules will set a spot after they die. Indeed there are two hypothesis of how the world was created. Those two hypothesis do not apply to every person, everyone has their own opinion towards the beliefs of how life was created.


The first hypothesis involves religion. One of these beliefs is that there is a higher power. A higher power is something that is greater than humans. A greater power entails that should be consider as the creator of life. Something that is conceivable is that something greater created the world. Is impossible for a simple human being to have created the universe. Humans do not have such a super power to create the universe.  This so-called god is the Supreme Being that created the two footed and four-footed creatures. He is also the creator of the mountains, sky, earth, and the waters that exist in this world. Is he so marvelous for creating those things?


The second hypothesis of how the world was created has a scientific answer. Life began in the water.  The scientific answer seems to explain how the universe was created as well as the reason how humans exist. It all began with the big bang theory; this theory mentions that the life of human beings began with water. The sequence of life started with a combination of ammonia and methane and energy, next to amino acids, and then proteins, to DNA, and then to Nuclei, to cells, to Multi-cellular organism, to worms and sea weed, to fish, to reptiles to amphibians and then to what we have become now.  This complicated theory seems to explain how life began according to scientist. – I learned this in my astronomy class with my professor Michiau Kaku he is a brilliant man-

Some people believe that is right to praise the creator of life. If following the first hypothesis were true, we should worship the so-called God. But what happens if we see it in another perspective and believe that there is no creator and things just happened. The scientific hypothesis seemed to explain a theory of how life was created. This theory seems to be more believable since scientists have to use facts to prove their hypothesis. To me the scientific hypothesis seems more realistic; the facts seemed to proof their point.

“People tend to believe in some kind of creator because they have been raised to do so. Throughout life people will learn new ideas and become convinced by them, but will fall back to those believes. This is similar to what I have experienced. I was raised a catholic, but learning new ideas, I became convinced about the creation of life. Some information made me change my mind of the origins of life, but I will always fall back to the belief I grew up with”

So if a human being believes in the science theory, such as some people do. Does this mean we have to praise the big bang? Does an individual who believes in Gods or a deity, how are they convince of whom they should worship? Who is the Supreme Being? These type of questions stay in my mind because we cannot say we believe in a god without thinking or asking to ourselves who is god? And why did he create mankind?

269 thoughts on “What should be worshipped?

  1. Vanessa

    Because I think this type of an argument is better left to an expert, the writer should be focused on the personal basis of the argument. There is a quote the narrator uses that discusses the speaker having been brought up as a Catholic, but later…”became convinced about the creation of life” and yet “will always fall back to the belief I grew up with.” I thought it was a rather confusing quote to use; perhaps the speaker is Agnostic? That is what I understood from it. Also, there is no speaker tagged for this quote. If this was not a quote, but dialogue, then you need to introduce the character. If it’s not meant to be quote or dialogue, then remove the quotation marks. As a reader, from what I know from this draft, I can only assume the narrator takes the position of the speaker of this quote. She was raised a Catholic, but later on adopted new beliefs apart from her previous religious beliefs. There are many arguments that can be made against and for the ones made in this piece; I think in order to avoid a reader’s attention being taken away from the narrator’s voice and controlling presence in this piece, the arguments need to be made as pertaining to events or experiences in the narrator’s life. There need to be more background information of the narrator’s Catholic faith as well, if the piece is too be more personal; has she studied the bible in depth herself, or only at Sunday school, for example? Was she strong in her beliefs and her faith, or were they shallow and wavering, thus making it easier to take on new beliefs? The narrator seems to be thinking existentially towards the end. This possibly shows that the writer seeks to think in other perspectives, that there is an ability to go beyond and critically research well-informed essays before presenting a more informational piece about such a heavy subject. To provide another perspective, I would offer that an individual would not praise an artwork for being beautiful, but rather the artist who created the artwork. A person who has the faith to learn the answers will be given them.

  2. Orhan Gokkaya

    This argument has many sides. When you stated, “How can we believe something, which we cannot see?” If you think about it, your body does many things throughout the day such as process food or function, we don’t see what is happening inside of our bodies yet we believe in ourselves. When there is no real answer people often look for answers in a spiritual world. When you stated, “Humans do not have such a super power to create the universe.” I wish you had went back in history and spoken about kings and pharaohs who were considered God. Who actually created the big bang theory? The beliefs are way too separate. It is possible that the big bang theory was created by God to make things look obvious in scientific terms. The questions at the end of the piece are questions every human asks and is a good way to connect with the reader; however, it weakens the argument because you did say “To me the scientific hypothesis seems more realistic; the facts seemed to proof their point.” It seems like you’re undecided with your side of the argument.

  3. Daniel Song

    I think there are a lot of points where I could argue you against you; not just about the subject matter of the piece, but the individual arguments you make. I think if you made this piece more personal, with some examples of personal experience, it could be both more interesting and I couldn’t argue as much because you’d be expressing your feelings.

    I’m always for tackling the big subjects. I’d like to see more from you in regards to your experience.

    I do like the part about life being explained scientifically.

  4. Kerel Cain

    the part about your astronomy teacher should be taken out because it doesn’t add to the piece at all. the bases of your piece is a good one because almost everyone can relate to the wonderment of the creation of life.

    the two hypothesis you raise are the main ones but not the only ones and even though you mention that beliefs are personal it should be stated that the two you raise are the main arguments to give credence to the other popular hypothesis that are out there.

    the tone of your piece (in addition to you calling yourself a realest) places you on the side of evolution. you present neutral wonderment about what is true and what to believe but the side that you lean toward is evident.

    lastly, you can’t put evolution and the word proof in the same realm. yes parts of evolution can be proven but the process itself isn’t proven. Yes, you don’t explicitly say that evolution has been proven but you do cleverly suggest that the theory is sound but in reality it has many holes in it. not as many as religion but religion is faith and science is hypothesis and theories; none of which is fact.

  5. Gabriela Bayona

    I was confused as to what the intended point of this piece to be. I don’t know if you wanted us to believe in the big bang as opposed to religion or vice versa. Much of my confusion stemmed from the fact that there is no stance taken on either side. On the one hand you explain that you were brought up catholic and that you will always fall back on what you grew up knowing, but then you express how eye opening it was to discover this whole other side of things where perhaps God didn’t create everything. Overall I think that if you want this to be a critique on religion, then you need to include more examples and provide factual references to back up your opinions. The way it is now, your essay is not very convincing in either direction. Considering all the skepticism towards religion, I guess mostly towards Catholicism, I can assume that you believe the more scientific approach to life. If this is true, then as the reader I would like more evidence of which side you’re on an much more detail and examples.

  6. David Castro

    it was really hard to read, maybe due to the grammar mistakes which suggest that you didn’t really reread your paper because some are really obvious.
    it reads as choppy, it has no flow, maybe a better organization of thoughts instead of bombarding the reader with just your ideas, which sometimes you lack credibility to even say. Reading this i felt that you did no prior research to this and did this on what you know, which can come make you make false assumptions. i feel that i was on par with you on this topic, so i didnt really “respect” your opinion.
    it made me question if i should even listen to this. why? if at sometimes i feel that i know more on the topic than you did.

    that sounded really arrogant but w.e it sounds worse than it is.

  7. Joan Infante

    I felt that this essay was short and rushed. You clearly stated your view as a realist and believing in the scientific theory. But you also couldave used a better argument than just “people were raised to worship a god” in order to support your view better.
    A lot of questions were asked in this piece, but not a lot of answers.
    There is a paragraph that is an entire quote. Who is credited for the quote? Or was it not supposed to be a quote?
    I felt that some ideas, especially the scientific aspect of things, were inconsistent and needed a credible source in order to validate your ideas.

  8. Deviniti Donnabella

    When it comes to creation, there are two perspectives like you said. I believe that faith plays a major role in one’s beliefs. People have different beliefs based on their cultural upbringing and basically how they see the world. There are indeed questions when it comes to things like creation and how things came about. I think that there will always be questions because there are no facts to actually prove that “this or that is the way it came about,” and so people rely on their faiths and their beliefs. They choose to believe in one thing or another. People are entitled to believe what they so choose, and if you have doubts about your beliefs, its a matter of how strong or weak your faith is. If we didn’t have paternatity tests and stuff, how would we know if our fathers were our fathers, especially if we didn’t look like them. Some would believe that he is the father and some would believe that he isn’t. After all it is up to you to accept or reject him as your father. I guess that is sorta a good comparison. IDk. anyways, good argument.

  9. Diali Montalvo

    After reading your piece, I feel like you didn’t do enough research for the topic you chose to write about. You suggest good points about religion vs. scientific theory but as oppose to going in detail it seems like you just wanted to get the essay written. Like discussed in class, it’s important to state the author when quoting someone else’s work. With that, the quote you chose in my opinion didn’t do much for your piece and as the reader I don’t think it made you anymore credible. I don’t feel as though I was anymore informed on this topic after reading your piece. I really wished you would’ve taken more of a stand on your argument and why you are interested in this idea of religion versus science in the first place. My biggest issue with this is the lack of the personal connection. I commend you on trying to tackle such an elaborate topic and for that it has great potential but for your next draft you should consider including various resources and/or narrow this down somehow.

  10. Sergio Narine

    After reading this piece, I felt that this piece was a preface to a much larger piece that spoke about the existence of God and why many cultures believe in a God. I appreciated the phrase “The first hypothesis involves religion” because it combines science and religion, which are two fields that are not really never juxtaposed in the same sentence. I thought when the narrator began speaking about her catholic background added an intimate relationship with the reader, but then the piece ended.

    I would suggest that the writer establish their credibility by including some historical information about science and religion because it sounds as if the piece is a stream of consciousness piece. The ending of the piece included too many interrogative statements and I felt that I didn’t really learn anything intriguing about religion or science. I want to know what you personally think about religion and science; and why did you take that class with Michiau Kaku?

  11. Henry Bucket

    I felt that this piece was more like a long introduction than a full piece. It seems like your trying to write an article to convince the reader that science is right but you just brush over the technical aspects of the argument for science. You take a very complex theory and turn it into 5 sentences. You also then attribute it to a single astronomy class when there are a lot of other branches of science that must be looked at to justify this theory. I feel like between the way you skim past the details for both arguments makes it seem like an introduction as opposed to a completed piece. The grammar mistakes also take away from your credibility as an author. I do like the way that you showed both sides of the argument and let us know your opinion without forcing it on us, but if you were to make this article less of an argument for or against science/religion and more of your own personal opinion I think it might be better.

  12. Li Huang

    Don’t get me started.

    I took Kaku’s Astronomy class in the Fall of 2010. He’s a brilliant mind and a lenient grader. However he is too soft when it comes to accepting answers from class participants.

    With that being said, people who abide by religion are more simpleminded than the people who choose to think that there is always a spectrum, rather than the two extremes of monotheism.
    Religion is only good for controlling the masses. The DUMB masses. That’s right. I said it.
    Napoleon knew it. That’s one of the reasons why he CHOSE to nab the emperor’s crown from the Pope’s hands. He’s only one historical figure, but I don’t want to get too riled up and write a whole fucking 30-page research paper on how religion is blatantly inferior to science.
    Religion “proves” what is right through religious texts/scripts. The whole purpose of religion is to cement certainty to the masses by delivering “concrete” evidence of what had forged our surroundings.
    Science, on the other hand, cannot prove ANYTHING. The whole discipline of science is the ability to 100% disprove something. Leaving us with uncertainty that something could be right, but certainty of what’s incorrect.

    You know what causes arthritis? Science can’t tell you. It can only narrow down what DOESN’T cause arthritis and give a close guess in speculation of what really does through research and experiments. Based on what I know, arthritis occurs when the fluid between the joints of any two or more bones start to wear out or “dry up” so to speak. See that is exactly what has happened with religion in relation to science. In humanity’s early years the body is young and doesn’t have to worry about many natural detriments. As the course of human civilization progresses, however, there is we all see what we are for our own worth. Old, arthritis stricken people that still adhere to the outdated format of “thinking” known as religion. Only science can save us from the damnation of old age and grant us true immortality.

    Damn, I am sooooooo good at impromptu writing. This feels good.

  13. Krystal Temple

    The narrative voice is not strong in this piece, and this is partially because it doesn’t have a clear direction. Because you are not an expert on the topic, we need scene and your personal beliefs to help us understand your viewpoint on such a controversial topic. Although I didn’t know this when I first read this, I like that you incorporated a quote from a religious text. However, I’m wondering if you could have incorporated a stronger quote, one that you feel a personal connection to or a strong resentment against. Also I feel as if you limited your piece to two theories – which is arguable. Many people would argue that there are more theories, causing you to loose credibility with the reader. I love the topic, and I believe you have the basis for a strong piece. If you make your piece a little more personal, and clean up some grammar issues, you will be sure to have a strong piece!

  14. Ruket Negasi

    This is a topic that can be discussed from many different angles, faith, religion, God, existence etc. As of right now this piece is stating a number of facts without any sources to back it up with. I think the author should focus on shifting this essay towards a memoir. By basing it to one of the authors personal experience with religion and faith they can expand this piece in a more creditable gear.

    1. Suresh Ramdhanie

      I concur with our classmates; the piece needs more direct sources and facts to support the argument. I also think Ruket hit the nail right on the head when she said to focus the piece memoir style. Religion is very subjective, EVERYONE has an opinion on it, and unfortunately, no amount of facts would sway someone committed to their faith. I’ve found that an interesting approach for people writing about losing faith is a highly personalized memoir of that person’s God letting them down and that person’s lost of faith that followed.

  15. Amilka Lopez

    I felt like this piece was a bit rushed. I was really confused because I did not know whether you wanted us to agree with you or not and if you did I would like for you to be more clear as to which side are you on. You also used quotes but there are no sources. I would have like to see you take a place and make a better argument. in addition, you can also use some of your personal experiences with religion to back up your statement.

  16. Nadya Antoine

    I think there is much more to this topic than meets the eye. With that said, you could surely go on for pages. With that being said, your piece could have been finely restricted if you chose your own side after you presented the two arguments. I don’t think your piece is about “worshipping” as it is more about the origin explanations. You mentioned that you grew up Catholic but later strayed away, tell us more about that in relation to which explanation you believe to be correct.

  17. Julianne Reynoso

    I really enjoyed the subject of the piece as I think that there are times in everyones lives when they start to question things like this. Also having taken Prof Kaku’s class, he brought up the idea of the ‘First Pusher’, the one who set everything in motion and I liked that it was touched upon the idea of god as a being that isn’t necessarily conscious (such as the Big Bang Theory). I would suggest that the ideas could be better pursued as a ‘sensitive’ topic like this has so much more depth than what was written here.

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